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Why partner with us?

Why partner with us?

Leverage 20+ years of proven execution and engineering experience with end-to-end, integrated hardware and software development capability

We are your payments R&D partner

  • Whatever it is you have in mind, it is highly likely that we have seen it before, and we will hit the ground running.
  • Do not worry about whether your existing team has the capacity or capability to take on another project -- we can handle it.
  • Going from initial idea or prototype to scaled and fully launched technology is our speciality. We are here to help!
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Benefits of Partnership

Benefits of Partnership

The benefits of working with us are many. Here are six of our core values which we provide to our partners.

> Expansion

Take on more

Strategically expand to tap into new markets, new capabilities and new customer segments.

> Profit

Boost your revenue

Access new income streams that were previously unavailable, multiplying your growth potential.

> Agility

Be more flexible

Quickly respond to changes in the market, without sacrificing what you are already doing today.

> Value

Lower your costs

Because we are small we are able to provide more value per dollar than you will find elsewhere

> Speed

Turn around faster

Our deal structures ensure we are incentivized to deliver your project without unncessary delay

> Scalability

Do more with less

Working with us is often the most efficient use of your resources, enabling an increase in throughput



We are a full service integrator specializing in payments technology. We will plan and execute projects to your precise specifications and goals.

Kiosk / Point of Sale

We provide hardware-agnostic solutions by partnering with many of the top kiosk and point of sale providers.

API / Integration

We identify forward-thinking banking and platform partners and integrate our clients with them.

E-commerce / Wallets

We are experts in digital payments and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Payouts / Disbursement

We simplify outgoing payments, making it cheaper and easier to make mass payments across the world.

Back Office / Processing

We automate and optimize back office processing, streamlining payments operations.

Research / Training

We research emerging technologies and train teams on the latest advancements in payments.

Free Initial Consultation

Book a 15-minute discovery call with us now.

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Industry Experience

Industry Experience

Our work spans multiple industries. Here are some of them.

> Ads

Scalable advertising

  • Supply side platforms (SSPs)
  • Demand side platforms (DSPs)
  • Advertising exchanges
  • Advertisers with $1M+/month spend

  • > Payments

    Securing your money

  • Payment service providers (PSPs)
  • Banks, credit unions, fintechs
  • Bitcoin, stablecoins

  • > E-Commerce

    Selling things online

  • Physical products
  • Digital products
  • Subscriptions

  • > Media

    Distributing your message

  • Content management
  • Hosting
  • Infrastructure

  • More Services

    More Services

    We also provide full service product design, development, testing, and deployment of scalable operating solutions.

    Software Engineering

    Developing digital systems

    Backend development, Frontend development, Database development, Systems engineering, User interfaces

    Product Development

    Selling things online

    Product roadmap, Product requirements, Product launch

    Program Management

    Strategy and operations

    Project management, Research & strategy, Chief of staff

    Operations Automation

    Multiplying workforce productivity

    Custom integration, Custom tooling, Scalable workforce

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    Book a 15-minute discovery call with us now.

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    Our team has 20+ years of experience in the technology industry, with a focus on payments, infrastructure, data, and information systems

    Joe Davison


    Former Google and Apple engineer with deep experience in payment systems and identity infrastructure.

    B.S. Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
    M.S. Software Management, Carnegie Mellon University

    Leon Siegmund

    Sales Engineer

    Former founder of Bitcoin News and CEO of Moon Zebra, a bitcoin ATM operator with locations across Europe.

    Economics, University of Hamburg

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